Botanica Mobile Clinic Responds on August 12 in Charlottesville

I am deeply moved by all the offerings the herbal and wider community is making. While we are all finding ground again, direction and connection to where we can best serve, the needs for mental health support is great in Charlottesville. You all have made such generous offers so we would like to let you know the greatest needs at this time. Tea bags of calming herbs, best in the boxes, Rescue Remedy, essential oil spritzers, and donations so we can get body work to folks suffering from PTSD. You can make donations to our 501-C3 at Please make check out to Open Hands and put Botanica in the memo. Paypal works as well when you go to our site. I

For physical donations please send to Botanica Mobile Clinic, 208 Douglas Ave, Charlottesville VA 22902

What has been the most powerful feeling is that of solidarity. To watch people gather across the nation protesting this heinous way life helps us all feel so much support.

What happened here has raised so many questions. How a torch carrying mob of known Supremists and Nazis can walk down our streets, chanting and threatening then actually become violent against students is baffling. We all know if the Mexican farm union workers or BLM would attempt that they would maybe walk a half a block and who knows their fate. This was a very, very scary long procession.

The prayer is that this is the time when the deep shadow rises and is seen for the final time. They are Named and it is time to understand what sources these people and how to prevent more from falling prey to the wounds and shame that blind these men to courage and truth. The fact that all of those AK47s were here in such angry, tight clenched hands and hearts and a massacre did not happen is nothing short of a miracle. The collective of churches and congregations joining forces surely is spreading protection and strength.

Thank you all for your prayers, songs, notes and offerings. We are wealthy in love and to have seen how the plant medicine went straight to the hearts of this community was an honor to witness.

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