Our Inspiration: The Herb Bus

Free herbal clinics have become a very well known and loved model around the country as the need for natural medicine has been on the rise yet ever more inaccessible. We are basing our model on Atlanta’s Free Clinic founded by Lorna Mauney-Brodek.

The Herbalista Free Clinic provides free herbal care via our mobile clinics, the Herb Bus and the Herb Cart, to underserved communities in Atlanta and around the country.  In addition to our clinical services we also offer herbal education, training other herbalists on how they can start up mobile clinics in their neck of the woods.

While the Herb Bus focuses on serving the homeless and other vulnerable populations, we recognize that under the current structure of healthcare in the U.S., WE ARE ALL underserved. Herb and food based tonic therapy have been a necessary part of ourevolution and survival as a species.  Access to healthcare is a human right and the Herbalista Free Clinic’s mission is to defend this basic right by nurturing the health of the people who live across this broad and beautiful land. – Lorna Mauney-Brodek

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