Botanica Mobile Clinic offers herbal consultations to the underserved populations in Charlottesville and surrounding counties. Every clinic will have at least one practicing herbalist on site as lead, Two Herbalists Offering Intakes and Two Herbalists along with Students working in the Clinic.

In August of 2017, Charlottesville and the world witnessed the violence that is still very much alive in regards to racism and issues of white supremacy. We realized our own need for greater understanding of ourselves and beliefs deeply lodged within our own community so we sponsored classes on racism, white privilege and took our commitment to healthcare accessible to all to the next level. Graduates of SPT finally crystallized a long held dream of the creation of a mobile clinic that serves first responders and low-income populations. It has been incredible to witness what the power a few dedicated individuals can create.

All consultations as well as herbal teas and supplements are offered for free. We are receiving donations under the umbrella of Herbalists Without Borders until we are able to procure our own 501c3 status.

With changes in health care today, now more than ever it is a wonderful gift to offer relaxing and nourishing herbs and support to those in greatest need. We will also have bodyworkers available to offer chair massage and relief from trauma and stress.

The remedies offered will essentially be geared toward supporting issues concerning digestion, stress, insomnia and pain. Simple teas, syrup and elixirs will be offered as well as practical dietary recommendations that will meet the client’s economic status.

We always have an urn of herbal tea at each clinic to introduce community members to the flavor of various nourishing teas. Herbal medicine is older than we are and our bodies respond immediately to the nutritive effects of plants because it is what has been recognized in our bodies for millennia. Herbal medicine is about healing the body, soul and heart….it is about remembering who we are and where we came from.

Free herbal clinics have become a new model around the country as the need for natural medicine has been on the rise, and yet ever more inaccessible. We are basing our model on Atlanta’s Free Clinic founded by Lorna Mauney-Brodek .

Intakes will be no longer than an hour and follow ups will be less than 30 minutes.

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Sacred Plant Traditions Presents: The Botanica Mobile Clinic (Video #4) from Sacred Plant Traditions on Vimeo.